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cloth simulator sample (21k)

Here you can download Jérôme Berger's cloth simulator 0.4.0 compiled for Cygwin.

For the documentation have a look at the external linkoriginal page. There you can also find the source code and the Linux executable.

The only modification i had to make is replacing line 88 in '':

   if (!isfinite(l2_)) {


   if (l2_>1e300) {

The stability problems leading to aborted calculations with error messages like "NaN is not finite!" seem to occur more often in the Windows version although i did not make comparison tests with the newer versions.

For running this version you will need the Cygwin DLL that is available on as well as the complete Cygwin package you will need if you want to compile it yourself.

Remember the cloth simulator is published under the external linkGPL