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29 Mar 2012 On Openstreetmap a detailed map of the earth is assembled by thousands of people from all over the world offering more detailed information in large parts that most maps you can buy.
02 Jul 2007 The C++ Template Image Processing Library is a very useful tool to quickly write programs dealing with image data without the need to care about file formats and reading/writing functions yourself.
15 Oct 2006 Jonathan de Ferranti has put lots of work into extracting elevation data from maps and is sharing it on his Viewfinder Panoramas website.
27 May 2006 Ben Weston's evilsuperbrain site contains a lot of mostly surreal and abstract images created with POV-Ray.
03 Dec 2005 Gennady Obukhov's GeOGRAFIKA site contains various impressive images as well as POV-Ray scene elements and the POV-Tree tool.
01 Jul 2005 On No Lights by Tim Nikias you can find impressive POV-Ray made animations and several useful include files.
03 May 2005 Gilles Tran's is one of the most extensive websites with raytraced images and at the same time contains some of the best CG artwork i know. Always woth a visit!
19 Feb 2005 Nicolas Calimet has made a quite extensive investigation on how different compiles of POV-Ray perform in rendering. If you are interested in getting the best performance out of POV-Ray and are willing to compile it from source yourself this will be very useful.
08 Aug 2004 The POVCOMP 2004 competition for POV-Ray generated images has started. You can win a $10000 computer and other valuable prizes.
06 Jul 2004 Ingo's POV-Ray Stuff is a somewhat spartanic page but contains several useful POV-Ray include files like the famous for generating meshes from parametric surfaces and the povsdl2html script i also use for formating the POV-Ray code on these pages.
01 May 2004 The pages of Friedrich and Andrea Lohmüller contain some useful POV-Ray hints and tutorials, especially for newbies as well as some photo galleries.
07 Mar 2004 Jaime Vives Piqueres's site shows some very nice images made with POV-Ray and several useful tools are available including the Automatic Light System.