POV-Ray Insert Menu

POV-Ray 3.5 Insert Menu

The insert menu, also known as templates in the Mac version of external linkPOV-Ray is a collection of code snippets covering most areas of the POV-Ray Scene description language that should make it easier for beginners to learn the basics of POV-Ray coding.

These pages provide the content of this menu in forms different from those in the official Windows and Mac GUIs.

If you have problems using these files or find errors you can contact me

I have made two different HTML versions

I also made an add-on for the external linkEMACS pov-mode That provides the content via menu like in the windows version (but without the images). The content is hard coded in an emacs lisp file right now - not very user friendly for changes. For installation instructions see the comment in the file.

And finally you can also download larger versions of the images for WinPOV:

For installation just copy the file into the insert menu directory of POV-Ray and unzip.