Landscape of the week

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Landscape of the week

This project is discontinued but i started a new Landscape of the week project version 2 with improved techniques.

Current scene:

Landscape of the week image (57k)

Scene details:

  Scene Number 14
  LOTW version
  Date of creation: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 21:05
  Render time:  54h 47m 51.0s

The external linkPOV-Ray 3.5 isosurface object is a very powerful tool to create realistic synthetical terrains. By combining different functions a large variety of shapes can be created.

With this project i try to create random landscape scenes on a weekly basis. The scene setup is done automatically using random numbers to vary terrain geometry, texture, clouds, sky, lighting and camera. I wrote some more detailed description about this technique.

Because of the isosurface and radiosity lighting, the scenes render fairly slow, therefore i render them at a resolution of only 640x360. They still take about 8-18 hours on an Athlon 1 GHz.

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