Landscape of the week 2

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Landscape of the week 2

Some time ago i started a project to render a new landscape scene every week that was randomly generated by the computer. The project was eventually stopped because the scenes on average took too much time to render. But since a lot of people found the general idea very interesting and there were various attempts recently for similar projects i decided to start a new try as well.

The landscape of the week 1 was strongly focussing on the landscape geometry and other aspects of the scene were somewhat limited. I tried to improve this in the new version. I also went away from the purely randomly generated scene and now use evolution strategies to generate the parameters. The technical details are explained separately.

current landscape of the week

The new landscape of the week project generates several image variants (i hope i will be able to provide them on a weekly basis). The highest rated one then becomes the landscape of the week:

generation: 69 scene: 0 [image info]

The history of previous images can be found on a separate page.

current 'best scenes'

The evolution strategy used to generate the parameters for the images uses 4 parent scenes to generate scenes for a new generation. These parents are the highest rated of the 20 child scenes of last week's generation.

lotw_scene_069_00 lotw_scene_069_04 lotw_scene_069_13 lotw_scene_069_19

The history of previous images in this category can be found on a separate page.

scenes to be rated

The system to generate the scenes for the next week's images requires the current images to be rated. You have the chance to give your opinion on the images below and this way influence the parameters of next week's images. Only the 4 most popular images will be used as the basis for the next generation of scenes.

To rate just send me a mail listing the rating codes of all the images you like in descending order (best first) using the subject line "[LOTW-2 vote]". There is a separate voting page available to simplify this. You can also use this link to start a rating mail. The mail should be plain text and the body should contain the votes at the beginning, for example:


You can vote for a subset of the images or for all of them. Feel free to add any comments after the vote.

rating code: 070_00 rating code: 070_01 rating code: 070_02 rating code: 070_03
rating code: 070_04 rating code: 070_05 rating code: 070_06 rating code: 070_07
rating code: 070_08 rating code: 070_09 rating code: 070_10 rating code: 070_11
rating code: 070_12 rating code: 070_13 rating code: 070_14 rating code: 070_15
rating code: 070_16 rating code: 070_17 rating code: 070_18 rating code: 070_19

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