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generalization and map rendering demo

This map demonstrates cartographic generalization techniques applied to web map rendering. Generalization of the coastlines is done using the coastline_gen tool.

A more detailed explanation on the importance of generalization in map rendering can be found in my essay on coastline generalization. Also available is a description of the process of generalizing rivers and lakes.

If you want to render your own maps using a generalized coastline you can download a set of coastline vectors for zoom levels 1 to 8 based on OpenStreetMap data.

Other map projections: web mercator arctic

Visitor comments:

by Jorge posted on Mon Dec 1 2014 13:56:58
Very usefull tool for earth science!
by laurent frobert from France posted on Mon Jul 8 2013 13:51:07
Hello,\\nvery good looking land cover base map \\n\\nCould you explain in detail how you have generated the landcover base map ? (resample of a the DEM ?, and land cover shading)\\n\\nthanks\\nLaurent Frobert\\n
by Ana Maria Silva from Brazil posted on Tue Mar 26 2013 13:59:53
Bom dia!\\r\\nmuito interessante, principalmente para aplicar em meus estudos bíblicos e mostrar com clareza as informações geográficas para meus alunos. \\r\\nObrigada por sua dedicação em reunir tantas informações.\\r\\nabraço\\r\\nMissionária Ana Maria
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