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Here you can find various images made by myself with POV-Ray. Most modelling work is done in POV-SDL (scene description language) sometimes using freely available modules (include files) or separate tools.

Most of the images shown here are as they come from the raytracer, without manual modifications in an imaging program.

Regular galleries (chronological order)

Special projects

IRTC Submissions

The external linkIRTC (Internet Raytracing Competition) is a contest for computer generated images. It is open to all skill levels and all kind of rendering software and every submission period has a certain topic.

  Lakeside Cliff (May/June 2000)
  Dry (January/February 2001)
  Shangri La (November/December 2001)
  The Gatekeeper (September/October 2002)
  The Pool (March/April 2003)

Other pictures