IsoCSG Library

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'' - '' with native CSG

These macros are identical to those in, they just generate both the IsoCSG function and the native POV-Ray shape.

Because of this you can't assign the result of those macros to an identifier but have to use nested macros for the whole CSG construction.

In there are macros for either extracting the function or the shape as well as for automatic calculation of the container object from the extents of the shape.

Description of the macros

The macros in this file correspond to those in but they return both a function and a conventional shape.

character macros

IC_BChar_A() .. IC_BChar_Z(), IC_BChar_0() .. IC_BChar_9() and other characters

The complete set of characters from Corresponds to the macros from

Wrapper macros


Wrapper macro for the single character macros. Corresponds to IC_Char() from


Generates a merge of several characters from a string. Corresponds to IC_Text() from