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POV-Ray's turbulence parameters

This tables show the effects of POV-Ray's different turbulence-parameters.

In pigment statements they are used in the following syntax (any order possible):

pigment {
  turbulence VECTOR
  lambda FLOAT
  octaves FLOAT
  omega FLOAT
  frequency FLOAT
  phase FLOAT

frequency and phase in fact do not belong to turbulence but i included them here.

It is not complete, there are many combinations, but I think it gives a quite good first overview for the beginner.

The turbulence samples use a marble pattern with sine_wave wavetype in the samples.


turb01.jpg (196k)


turb02.jpg (207k)


turb03.jpg (208k)


For the frequency and phase samples use a radial pattern.

turb04.jpg (127k)