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Povray's warp statement - black_hole warps

Here you can see the effects of POV-Ray's black_hole warp function.

The parameters illustrated here are the following (for details see the POV-Ray Documentation):

warp {
  black_hole [Position], [Radius]
  falloff [Value]
  strength [Value]

I am starting without the optional "inverse" keyword. The first table shows the effect of varying the "radius" parameter:

warpB03.jpg (103k)

In the following tables, the "radius" value is kept at 2.5

The next table changes the "falloff" value (default is 2):

warpB02.jpg (102k)

The last table shows the effect of the "strength" value (default is 1.0):

warpB01.jpg (107k)

Now follows the same again, but with "inverse" added:

warpA01.jpg (90k)

warpA01.jpg (88k)

warpA01.jpg (100k)