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water links

Here you can find a collection of links to various resources where you can obtain more detailed information on different aspects related to water.

These links lead to external resources. I am not responsible for their content, they are just meant to show things I found interesting.

other POV-Ray related resources on water

Realistic Water with POVRAY    by Friedrich A. Lohmüller
  POV-Ray 3.1 based water tutorial with emphazis waves modeling with normals.

Realistic Water with WyzPOV 3.1    by Michael Paul
  About using variable reflection for water by the author of the original variable reflection patch.

reflection basics

Fresnell's Equations: Reflection and Transmission    by R Nave
  information on the fresnel equations including a reflection coefficient calculator.

The Fresnel Reflection Coefficients    by D. J. De Smet
  on fresnel reflection.

External Reflection from a Water Surface    by ReefNet Software
  About reflection on water surfaces.

Fresnel Reflection Coefficients    by Alex R. Dzierba
  on fresnel reflection.

related physical effects in general

Rendering Natural Waters    by Simon Premoze and Michael Ashikhmin
  About diverse aspects of rendering realistic water.

Meteorology Guide    by University of Illinois
  general information on atmospheric phenomena including light and optics.

HyperPhysics Concepts    by R Nave
  collection of material on light and optics under physical aspects.

Optical Absorption of Water Compendium    by Scott Prahl
  list of resources on absorption of water

Oceanography: Ocean Water    by Office of Naval Research
  Easy to understand information about ocean water and its characteristics

Ocean 590 Abstracts    by School of Oceanography
  Abstracts of various lectures on different topics of optical oceanography

Hydrologic Optics    by Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  About measuring and analyzing optical properties of water

the index of refraction and other material properties

Online material database    by TU Delft
  Properties of various material including optical aspects.

Salinity Data    by National Oceanographic Data Center
  Properties of various material including optical aspects.

Luxpop    by Guillaume Boisset
  For index of refraction values and other photonics calculations.

Index of Refraction of Water    by ReefNet Software
  Some information on the different factors influencing the index of refraction of water.

water surface geometry

Erweiterung und Verbesserung eines strahlenphysikalischen Ansatzes zur Simulierung der Globalstrahlung und ihre Anwendung bei der Visualisierung windbewegter Wasseroberflächen (german)     
  aper on visualizing water surfaces


Henrik Wann Jensen's Publications    by Henrik Wann Jensen
  Publications of Henrik Wann Jensen, the inventor of photon mapping

Photons    by Nathan Kopp
  Information about the POV-Ray photon patch

Simulating Reflective and Refractive Caustics in POV-Ray Using a Photon Map    by Nathan Kopp
  detailed paper about the photon patch

Rendering with Photon Maps    by Roland Schregle
  presentation and implementation of photon mapping

Effiziente Photonmap-Techniken (german)    by Stefan Maaß
  Introduction and improvement of photon mapping