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The water tunnel scene

I started working on this scene in April 2001 after making some experiments with water and external linkphotons in Povray.

The picture uses a lot of the newer techniques available in external linkmegapov and in external linkPovray 3.5 like isosurface objects, radiosity, photons and variable reflection.

water tunnel final (33k)

Creating the scene

The following sequence of pictures shows the development of the scene, I no more remember everything changed from one version to the other so i will only mention the most important things.

The basic geometry of the tunnel was created with macros placing individual bricks along a cylinder shape and varying their length using Povray's rand() function.

water tunnel (15k)

This was the first real render of the scene, still without photons and quite plain textures. The water already uses megapov's type 1 (fresnel) reflection

water tunnel (15k)

I then changed the geometry (added a line of larger bricks on top and changed the bottom part too). There are also photons now on the near part of the water surface. The isosurface bricks have real surface roughness done with a noise function.

water tunnel (14k)

I played a bit with the water level and left it as it is here in the end.

water tunnel (12k)

Added a rock in the water (done with isosurface objects too) and meanwhile improving water and stone textures.

water tunnel (13k)

After some experiments I stayed with this arrangement of the rocks. I also added some variation of the stone texture near the water line.

water tunnel (14k)

Here i tried conventional variable reflection instead of the more realistic fresnel (type 1) model. Also started to use a granite pigment function for the stone structure instead of the previously used two layers of noise3d. This is much slower, but more realistic.

water tunnel (15k)

Nearly finished now, most important changes here are some fine tuning on the water and the waterline, also improved the quality settings for radiosity and photons.

water tunnel (12k)

It still seemed to be somehow empty so i added some flying seagulls as a final touch.

water tunnel (12k)

I would like to thank everyone who commented on the various versions i posted in the external linkPovray newsgroups. You can still have a look at these postings in the external linkpovray.binaries.images newsgroup.

Source parts

Here are some code parts from the scene. You can use them for inspiration and to learn how to do certain things in Povray, but please don't just use them directly in your work without asking.

Code for the sky (fairly simple textured sphere):


Code for the water (slightly simplified) and the ground below:


water tunnel (13k)

Code for a single stone brick including the random variation:


water tunnel (10k)

Christoph Hormann June 21, 2001