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PovCyg - POV-Ray for Cygwin

This page gives instructions for how to compile POV-Ray 3.5 with Cygwin and offers a compiled binary. Apart from being a command line version, this gives the opportunity to develop custom versions of POV-Ray in Windows environments without a commercial compiler.

The Information and files on this page are outdated. All newer POV-Ray versions (3.6.0 and later) can be built with Cygwin/MinGW without modifications. The configure script of the Unix version offers support for Cygwin so building is straight away. Building the Windows version (with or without GUI) using MinGW is possible as well.

Up-to-date compiled versions can be found on the external linkMegaPOV website.

general info:

external linkCygwin is a Unix emulation system for Windows. The versions provided here are based on the Unix version of POV-Ray 3.5. They are compiled with the -mno-cygwin flag and therefore do not need the Cygwin emulation DLL. Compiling PovCyg with external linkMinGW should also be possible but it could be more difficult because of tools missing for the standard POV-Ray building process.

For the conditions for using Povray you should have a look at the external linkPOV-Ray licence.

All POV-Ray version provided here are unofficial versions in terms of this document. The POV-Ray Team is not responsible for supporting them.

If you do not already have a version of POV-Ray, you should download the official POV-Ray documentation, samples and include files from the POV-Ray FTP server.

Compiling PovCyg:

Compiling POV-Ray with Cygwin is fairly simple when using the Cygwin emulation DLL but with the -mno-cygwin flag several modifications are necessary.

Explanation of the various changes can be found on the POV-Ray newsserver:

Subject: Some notes about Cygwin/MinGW compilation
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 16:25:45 +0100
Newsgroups: povray.unix
From: Christoph Hormann <>

A package with the relevant modified source files:

A compiled version including sample scenes, include files and documentation:

Megapov MCP:

Megapov MCP Sample (5k)

This version is only supplied for reference purposes. It is no more developed any further. Some of the patches will eventually make it into a future version again.

Megapov MCP is a combination of several different POV-Ray patches. It is based on external linkPovMan 0.7 by Vahur Krouverk. This version already includes external linkMegapov and Christophe Bouffartigue's external linkClothray cloth simulation patch. I only added Chris Huff's external linkparticle system patch from Megapov Plus and some other things i made myself.

MPC stands for these patches:

Documentation of all of them can be found at the pages mentioned above. For my own additions i wrote a short documentation. Furthermore you can also have a look at the sample scenes coming with this Povray version. Also make sure you have the Official Povray documentation.

The Cygwin executable and source code can be downloaded in separate packages. The documentation and sample files for my own patches can be obtained in a third file: