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POV-Ray mechanics simulation patch.

Version 0.1.0


written August-October 2002 by Christoph Hormann

Sim-POV examples

1 Introduction

The purpose of this patch is the dynamic simulation of the movement of point masses. More complex geometries can be formed using connections and faces.

A wide range of applications is possible like the movement of individual balls, the deformation of beams & planks and the folding of clothes.

This patch uses elements and ideas from the work of Christophe Bouffartigue (Clothray) and Wlodzimierz 'ABX' Skiba (triangle distance function).

This is an unofficial extension of POV-Ray distributed under the POV-Ray license. No part of it may be used outside POV-Ray. The POV-Team is not responsible for supporting this version.

Table of contents

If you have questions concerning this POV-Ray version, find problems or have suggestions for improvements you can contact me via EMail.

Christoph Hormann, October 2002