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The roof of the world The roof of the world - This image shows the highest mountain ranges on earth - the Himalayas, Pamir, Karakoram, Tian Shan and Hindu Kush - from an altitude of about 750km. It has been rendered as part of the Views of the Earth in a size of more than 1 Gigapixel. (02 Jul 2007)
Season's Greetings Season's Greetings - Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year 2007! (22 Dec 2006)
The Himalaya Mountains The Himalaya Mountains - Render of the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal. See also a panorama of the region around Mount Everest. (19 Mar 2006)
Grand Canyon fisheye view Grand Canyon fisheye view - Render of the Grand Canyon from above using a fisheye camera. See also my other earth renders. (29 Jan 2006)
metal snowflakes metal snowflakes - Seasonal Wallpaper with metal snowflakes. With focal blur: [jpg] [png]. Without focal blur: [jpg] [png]. (03 Dec 2005)
lotw_038_09 lotw_038_09 - Manually improved version of a Landscape of the week scene. See the original scene for comparison. (01 Jul 2005)
the valley the valley - Another test speedup technique for isosurfaces in POV-Ray. This scene contains a really high level of detail and therefore is quite difficult to render. (03 May 2005)
detailed earth renders detailed earth renders - With higher resolution data sets i made some more detailed renders of the earth surface. (23 Sep 2004)
procedural concrete tests procedural concrete tests - I am working on some reasonable procedural concrete textures as alternatives to the often used image maps. This images tests how it looks with indirect lighting. (31 Jul 2004)
breaking waves tests breaking waves tests - Some results of experiments with modeling breaking waves. (26 May 2004)
the hole the hole - A scene made for testing the speedup technique for isosurfaces in POV-Ray. Also uses some other new techniques. (01 May 2004)
the agate face the agate face - My submission for the POV-Ray shortest code contest, round 3. It gained the second place, also see the other entries. (13 Mar 2004)
mountain forest mountain forest - a scene with very detailed geometry using instancing for the vegetation and isosurfaces for the other objects. Trees generated with POV-Tree, clouds with MakeCloud. (07 Mar 2004)
2004 seasons greetings 2004 seasons greetings - Somewhat late - last years seasons greetings card using the popular snowman figure. (19 Feb 2004)