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Welcome to my web site, most of the images you can see here are calculated with the computer. You can view those as well as some of my photographs in the sections listed below. Furthermore you can find information on the production techniques used. services and products
Whole earth in January with sea ice (East Asia) services and products (english deutsch)

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From the catalog:
Whole earth in January with sea ice (East Asia)
Whole earth view in northern hemisphere winter with sea ice, focusing on East Asia with eastern Russia, China and Indonesia prominently visible. [more]
Views of the Earth
The Tadrart Acacus

Views of the Earth (english deutsch)

artificial images of our real planet
Featured image:
The Tadrart Acacus
Behind the Tadrart Acacus mountains in southwestern Libya in the center of this view lies the city of Ghat and in the background in Algeria the... [more] blog blog (english deutsch)

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Geo-Visualization (english deutsch)

Techniques and data for visualizations of the earth surface:

Raytracing - synthetical images (english deutsch)

Images and background information on image production using raytracing:
Imagico photo log
Pulsatilla seeds

Imagico photo log (english deutsch)

Newest photo:
Pulsatilla seeds
put up 07 May 2014 – taken 26 Apr 2014, 17:15
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