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Povray's warp statement - displace warps

Here you can see the effects of Megapov's displace warp function. It was developed by external linkChris Huff and included in Megapov Plus, now it is also added to Megapov 0.6.

From the Megapov manual:
"Displaces the pattern by an amount determined by the PATTERN and COLOR_MAP at each point. The rgb values are used as xyz displacement amounts."

The tables are mainly self explaining, the first lines show the pattern used for displacement, on the right you can see the the original pattern without displace warp.

warpC01.jpg (100k)

warpC02.jpg (91k)

warpC03.jpg (94k)

warpC04.jpg (95k)

In Megapov 0.7, there is another type of displace warp that is used if you add "type 1" at the end of the displace block. It uses the gradient of the displace pattern to specify direction and amount of displacement.

warpC05.jpg (95k)